5 Ways to Spring Up Your Home Decor

Whoever loves art and home decor like I do, raise your hand. Ok, you can put it down now because I really can’t see you!

It’s that time of year again – Springtime that is. Time to think about revamping the home inside and out. Ok, ok, yes technically it is still winter and at the moment Philly is in the middle of a rainy/winter mix storm. The thought of a sunny Spring day is still on¬†my mind though! March is next week, you guys. Spring is just around the corner. ūüôā


Currently, I am scouring¬†DIY projects on Pinterest¬†and many ideas are springing up (really did not mean to add that pun). I want to add some bright colors and eye-pleasing art at home to take away the winter blues (I’m just on a roll). So here are some mood-boosting DIY home decor projects I found!

DIY Project #1: Tape Painting

I know someone¬†who just created a few tape paintings for their friend’s hair salon and they turned¬†out really nice! This reminded me of another tape painting idea by a blogger named Maria:


Love the gold touch in the background!

DIY Project #2: Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase

I have so many pictures! Here is a cute way to display some Рthrough a mason jar like this by Beth at Home Stories A to Z:


I love how versatile this is. Maybe instead of flowers, it can just be a chalkboard lid with the date of photo written on it?

DIY Project #3: Instagram Wall Calendar

Just about everyone is on social media of some sort. If you have a bunch of photos on Instagram (or in general), this calendar by Earl Grey Creative would be a great idea to try out!


Sepia-toned photos or color photos of flowers may work with this idea as well. Just make sure it flows with your wall color!

DIY Project #4: DIY Wall Butterflies

So, so cute! A nice spring touch, especially if these were colorful! Check out this project via Useful DIY:



DIY Project #5: Tetris Desk Light

Ok, this is not a DIY project, per se, but I thought it was cool to add to this decor list. You can shape it any way you want…kind of your own right? I found this on Wish for $24!


Do you have any other ideas or favorites? Let me know in the comments!



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