What is Niecynotes?

Well first, I’m Denise and I love arts and crafts, designing, writing and staying positive. I have a degree in PR and Advertising, but I have this knack for artsy things!

Sticky notes and office supplies (Staples would love me right now) are a slight addiction of mine and I’m always up for buying a cute notepad or prints.  Every time I went into a store to buy a special card for someone, I couldn’t find THE perfect one with the right amount of humor and cuteness. After examining note card styles, paper textures and weights, I figured “hey I can make this a hobby!” Using my humor, graphic design knowledge and girliness, my little Etsy shop – niecynotes – was born.

Why Niecynotes?
Well, I love notes and my nickname is “Niecy” so why not put the two together for “niecynotes”? Nice ring, right?

What about the blog?
I have this weird INFJ/ambivert thing where I can communicate better through writing. Presentations can be thrilling but I love the way writing relaxes me. Plus, those crazy little thoughts of art, recipes, DIY, paper love and Hello Kitty can come to life through the computer screen. 🙂

Oh yeah and I love Emojis. Be aware. 🙂 😉 😛


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