Coffee Crafts: A Real Thing

As I was perusing online, I stumbled upon a DIY site with various cool crafts. One of the crafts I saw was this via iCreative Ideas:


A coffee bean magnet! Who would’ve thunk it? Apparently, some coffee lover did.

In any case, I began searching for more coffee crafts because I’ve heard of coffee doing amazing things. Besides brewing and drinking a good cup, coffee grounds can be effective in Continue reading

5 Ways to Spring Up Your Home Decor

Whoever loves art and home decor like I do, raise your hand. Ok, you can put it down now because I really can’t see you!

It’s that time of year again – Springtime that is. Time to think about revamping the home inside and out. Ok, ok, yes technically it is still winter and at the moment Philly is in the middle of a rainy/winter mix storm. The thought of a sunny Spring day is still on my mind though! March is next week, you guys. Spring is just around the corner. 🙂


Currently, I am scouring DIY projects on Pinterest and many ideas are springing up (really did not mean to add that pun). I want to add some bright colors and eye-pleasing art at home to take away the winter blues (I’m just on a roll). So here are some mood-boosting DIY home decor projects I found! Continue reading

Upcycled Decor!

What a winter it has been! Today, the weather guys and gals said it is 5 degrees with a “real feel” of -17. Needless to say, I am indoors all day, captured by the warm heat, a cup of coffee and my footie socks. In the meantime, I’m checking out some upcycled decor projects online to dress up this ol’ house. I don’t know about you but I love upcycling projects!  I found a few upcycled decor projects to share with you:

Red Lips Wall Decor – Wood Pallets + Paint

Red Lips Wall Decor via Recyclart

Red Lips Wall Decor via Recyclart

DIY Storage Boxes – Duct Tape + Cardboard Boxes

Duct Tape Boxes via DIY Home Sweet Home

Duct Tape Boxes via DIY Home Sweet Home

Kitchen Tablet Holder – Cutting Board + Scrabble Chip Holder


Kitchen Tablet Holder via Joy Bobo

Wine Bottle Vases – Wine Bottle + Tape/Stickers + Spray Paint

Wine Bottle Vases via Indulgy

Wine Bottle Vases via Indulgy

Do you like to upcycle or have any upcycle ideas? Let me know in the comments!