Motivation Monday: Stubborn Goals, Flexible Methods

stubborn about goals

Too many of our “goals” become mere wishes in our minds; added as another idea on the bucket list. But once we finally act on our goals, it can be both exciting and daunting. Unfortunately, obstacles often get in the way. That is when we must become stubborn, rigid, unmovable in fulfilling our goals. If we want something accomplished – whether a health goal, a work project or the like – we have to focus and make it happen. Reflecting on why we made a certain goal in the first place motivates us to do more.

We will always face problems. But will we let it get the best of us? As mentioned in a previous Motivation Monday, failures are part of the process. We must not give in to a certain obstacle in our goal-achievement journey. The journey has not ended. In fact, the next step is to be flexible in our methods to achieving our goals. Having a backup plan (or multiple backup plans) in case of hiccups is so vital. It creates a confidence that our goals will ultimately be successful. Don’t give up – find an alternative!

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