Foodie Friday: Apple Roses

More food to roll up!

I love when food is fun and creative to make. Last week was all about the cucumber roll ups. This week, let’s take it up a notch and make an easy dessert – Apple Roses.


I found this recipe from Cooking with Manuela and she even includes a short tutorial video:

Adorable aren’t they? I attempted to make these before and made the mistake of not cutting the slices as thin as possible. I got a little lazy and figured the warm lemon water mix would make it flexible enough. No my friend, follow the directions as so and it will come out perfect like these!

Just as the cucumber roll ups were versatile, so are these. You can use peach preserves instead of apricot or little to no confectioner’s sugar. Puff pastry however, is a mandatory base. Any other crust (i.e. pie crust) will not work as flexible or be as rectangular to cut evenly.

Have fun with this recipe and show these beauties off to your friends! When they are all aligned together on a serving dish, they are *so* pretty. 🙂

Bon appetit!


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