Easy Mason Jar Gifts

Sooo, it’s been a long while since my last post. Sorry you guys! Offline life has consumed me so much! But I want to help you out.

We are right in the middle of graduation/wedding/baby shower/other celebrations season and you know what that means – GIFTS. I personally know at least eight people who are graduating within the next month and about two couples getting married but I haven’t heard about any babies yet (I’m sure that news will come soon too). All I can think about is making DIY gifts for everyone! Sometimes a simple gift card can be impersonal. Cash gifts are cool but where’s the creativity? Thus, my latest Pinterest session inspired me to think about mason jar gifts! Continue reading

5 Ways to Spring Up Your Home Decor

Whoever loves art and home decor like I do, raise your hand. Ok, you can put it down now because I really can’t see you!

It’s that time of year again – Springtime that is. Time to think about revamping the home inside and out. Ok, ok, yes technically it is still winter and at the moment Philly is in the middle of a rainy/winter mix storm. The thought of a sunny Spring day is still on my mind though! March is next week, you guys. Spring is just around the corner. 🙂


Currently, I am scouring DIY projects on Pinterest and many ideas are springing up (really did not mean to add that pun). I want to add some bright colors and eye-pleasing art at home to take away the winter blues (I’m just on a roll). So here are some mood-boosting DIY home decor projects I found! Continue reading

Pin-Spired: Design on Fiverr!

I should be the spokeswoman for Pinterest.

I tell you, if you need to find out how to do something, Pinterest is always there. One day, I was checking out some pins from the “Everywhere” section and I saw a pin about this site: Fiverr. I heard of it, but I wasn’t fully sure of what it was about. I clicked the link and went crazy! If you have a talent – whether it’s making a graphic design, doing voice-overs for a commercial, creating a strategic marketing plan – you can do it here! And for $5 (USD).

Now I was a little skeptical at first like “how can I do all this work for 5 bucks?” However, there is a nice catch – there is an option to add other services (which they call “Extras”) and the price point can be higher.

Ok, this doesn’t sound too bad now.

I like the idea of helping someone with creative projects. I thought about what I’m good at – designing. I wish I had a nice smooth voice for voice-overs and videos though. I’m getting over a slight sinus infection so my voice isn’t the greatest now. Back to design: I thought hey, I could start off with a tester “gig” by making Etsy shop banners. Therefore, I signed up and I have my own little spot in the Fiverr world.

Check out my Fiverr page (and if you need help with a banner, sign up to buy my gig)!


Etsy Banner Sample on Fiverr

Another Etsy Banner Sample

Another Etsy banner sample

I want you to be part of this Fiverr journey with me. It sounds really fun! What other services should I include? Invitations? Flyers? Letterhead? I’m excited!

Pin-Spired: DIY Frosted Glass {Tutorial}

Ever invite people over for a get-together and after sending that last invite, you realize things need sprucing up? Oh yeah, this was me a few weeks ago. I took a real good look at my living room and noticed I have very few table decorations. So I decided to seek advice from my techie “friend” (Pinterest) for quick decor ideas.

I kept looking at this huge glass vase that was in another room. It needed to be in the living room but just did not know how. Until I found these DIY projects: Frosted glass!



Isn’t this great?! Absolutely love how it turned out by just using rubberbands for the decoration. Very nice indeed! It was even better that I had frosted glass spray that’s been in the craft drawer for a looooong time. It was intended for frosted doily patterned mirrors but that will come another day.

Here’s what you’ll need:
♡ Glass vase
♡ Krylon Frosted Glass Spray (I got this at Michaels)
♡ Rubberbands (about a half-inch thick)
♡ Newspaper
♡ Plastic gloves
♡ A well-ventilated area
♡ Optional, but very helpful: Krylon Sealer Spray

What to do:
1) Make sure your glass vase is free of dirt and fingerprints if possible.

2) Place rubberbands in a design of your choosing. I chose an alternate criss-cross. This is where the glass will not get frosted.

3) Go into a well-ventilated area with gloves on and newspaper at hand, preferably outside or on a porch. Turn vase upside down on newspaper. Follow the directions of the frosted glaze spray carefully. Even opening it. I had some issues opening the thing but once I followed directions, it helped. ☺ Be careful not to touch the exposed areas so as to not add fingerprints. Also, spray in a sweeping motion about 8″ away to prevent drip patterns.

4) The frost may look very light but trust me, it’s on there. Let dry for about 30 minutes before adding a second coat. Leave the ventilated area because that spray is no joke! Come back to vase, spray again, then dry for another 30 minutes.

5) Once dried all the way, remove rubberbands carefully. They will seem sticky but it’s ok. Now the optional thing to do next is spray a finishing glaze on the vase to seal in the rubberband pattern. If you do this, follow the spray directions and let dry for another 30 minutes to be safe.

6) Once everything is complete, now you can place it on the table for guest brownie points. 😉

Here’s my before and after:


It came out very pretty and I received good comments about it. Someone even thought I bought it like this (aww shucks 🙂 )!

Want to find more fun DIY projects? Follow my Pinterest board D-I-Y Baby! Have a DIY project you want me to try? Email or DM me on Instagram!

Pin-Spired: Arm Knitting

Hey all! It’s been a short while since I’ve been here on the blog. Lots going on in the offline world. One thing that’s happening is this cold weather that I’m still not ready for! Winter is officially HERE since yesterday and I am once again scrounging to find my winter accessories.

For the life of me, I can never find a matching pair of gloves or a matching hat and scarf set when December arrives. Winter ended 9 months ago!! Does this happen to anyone else?

Frustrating times like these force me to pull out my crochet needle and yarn and make my own accessories. I found this really cool video that has circulated throughout Pinterest and YouTube: arm knitting. Yes, you saw right – you knit with your arms. 🙄

All you need is this YouTube video to watch repeatedly, two bundles (called skeins) of chunky yarn, your arms and lotsa patience. I saw this video and thought “oh yeah, I’m doing this!” Apparently it only takes about 30 minutes to make (if you know what you are doing) and it comes out so full and plushy.

After finding this tutorial, I am really considering having a crochet and knit party with some friends of mine! Hmmm, ideas are flowing. ☺

Check out the video (via YouTube link) by Audra of The Kurtz Corner

How about you – do you like to knit or crochet?

Pin-Spired – Slow Cooker Edition

Hello all! Tomorrow is November 1st already!! It’s getting chillier by the minute here in Philly – time to bring out the jackets, boots, dark rinsed jeans and that occasional hat! 😉

Besides the fashion, Fall time is great for comfort foods…especially those smooth pumpkin spice lattes (mmmm). I want to try something new and prepare some meals during the weekend to make for the next few days. I got a new crockpot and found some recipes on Pinterest to try.


You can buy a slow cooker just about anywhere nowadays


I believe this is a 4-qt pot. Fits a good amount of food 🙂

For anyone whose never used a slow cooker before, IT’S THE BEST! Start off earlier in the day and prepare some raw food (I.e. a roast, potatoes, other veggies) in this electric pot, add some seasonings, put the lid on and set it to cook for up to 8 hours. Want something quickly? Put the setting on “high.” By the time you come home, your house will smell lovely. It takes some prep time earlier in the day, but it’s all worth it when you have a full dinner ready for you.

I am antsy on using the slow cooker for other things besides pot roast dinners. Here are some new meals I found on Pinterest! Push the pics below for the direct recipe:


Parmesan Tomato Soup via 365 Days of Crockpot/Pinterest


Black Bean Chili via Vegan in the Freezer/Pinterest


Amazing Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake via KitchMe/All Recipes/Pinterest


Slow Cooked Apple Butter via Skinny Taste/Pinterest

Have you tried these before? Any slow cooker connoisseurs out there with a special recipe? Help this intermediate cook 😉


Follow my Pinterest recipe board – Yummy Goodness

Pin-Spired – DIY Denim Jewelry Holder

Oh, the love of good jeans gone bad…


No, they are not distressed on purpose. These are worn and torn from overuse. For those who may not be familiar, this rippage (<- word?) was the result of “rubbing-thigh-itis” (<- not a word). I absolutely HATE when this happens to good jeans over time. Well, this is more incentive to tone up at the gym lol.

In the meantime, my sentiments for one of my fav pair of jeans could not be tossed in the trash. So…I searched on Pinterest for a DIY alternative and found this:


A jewelry holder! Ann Marie from White House Black Shutters made this and I thought it was the best idea + my newest Pin-Spired project! She used thumbtacks to frame the board but I added a little spin to mine.

How I Did It

Items to get:

  • corkboard (I got a pack of 4 from CVS)
  • old jeans or denim fabric
  • sharp scissors
  • iron/iron board or really flat surface (some use the floor…tomato, tomata)
  • any color ribbon (I chose 1-inch thick and doubled it for sturdiness)
  • stapler with plenty of staples
  • push pins
  • wall hangers of some sort – the metal kind are much sturdier

What to Do:

    1. Take jeans, lay them out flat and grab those scissors. Cut the jeans legs off horizontally (I started where the aforementioned rip began, but it could be mid-thigh).

Bare with me, I quickly took pics on my phone and the quality isn’t the greatest lol.



  • Plug in iron (in safe place). You’re going to need it soon.
  • Grab one jean leg at a time and cut at the seam. Open into a big rectangle. Do this for other leg.
  • Get the iron, lay one of the jean legs flat on the iron board and iron until all wrinkles are out. Do same for other leg and set aside.
  • Don’t forget to turn that iron off!!
  • Measure one piece of denim around one corkboard square. Fold around, making sure it is flat and form-fitting to the board.
  • Grab the scissors again and cut about 12-15 inches of ribbon. Fold the ribbon to double it.
  • Staple the ribbon inside of a fold of fabric on the back of the board. Continue stapling the fabric down on the back, keeping sure everything is flat.
  • Hammer or stick on the wall hanger on a wall. Hang jewelry holder on to test.




  • Once satisfied, tack on push pins and hang your jewelry!



I love how this came out for me! Thanks Ann Marie and Pinterest!!

How did it come out for you?