{Pin-Spired} Men’s Money Dress Shirt

What other gift could be better than hard cash? How about making it into a shirt. Find out how!

For The Home

Coffee Crafts: A Real Thing

Creative DIY crafts made with coffee beans.

For The Home

Upcycled Decor!

Upcycle project ideas for the weekend!

Pin-Spired, Tutorial

Pin-Spired: DIY Frosted Glass {Tutorial}

Make your own table decor with a vase, frosted spray, rubberbands and love! Find out how here.


Pin-Spired – Slow Cooker Edition

Having a new slow cooker means cooking new recipes! I'm sharing a few of my favorites from Pinterest in my newest "pin-spiration" post.

My New Denim Jewelry Holder

Pin-Spired – DIY Denim Jewelry Holder

Oh, the love of good jeans gone bad... No, they are not distressed on purpose. These are worn and torn from overuse. For those who may not be familiar, this rippage (<- word?) was the result of "rubbing-thigh-itis" (<- not a word). I absolutely HATE when this happens to good jeans over time. Well, this… Continue reading Pin-Spired – DIY Denim Jewelry Holder