Coffee Crafts: A Real Thing

As I was perusing online, I stumbled upon a DIY site with various cool crafts. One of the crafts I saw was this via iCreative Ideas:


A coffee bean magnet! Who would’ve thunk it? Apparently, some coffee lover did.

In any case, I began searching for more coffee crafts because I’ve heard of coffee doing amazing things. Besides brewing and drinking a good cup, coffee grounds can be effective in Continue reading


5 Ways to Spring Up Your Home Decor

Whoever loves art and home decor like I do, raise your hand. Ok, you can put it down now because I really can’t see you!

It’s that time of year again – Springtime that is. Time to think about revamping the home inside and out. Ok, ok, yes technically it is still winter and at the moment Philly is in the middle of a rainy/winter mix storm. The thought of a sunny Spring day is still on my mind though! March is next week, you guys. Spring is just around the corner. 🙂


Currently, I am scouring DIY projects on Pinterest and many ideas are springing up (really did not mean to add that pun). I want to add some bright colors and eye-pleasing art at home to take away the winter blues (I’m just on a roll). So here are some mood-boosting DIY home decor projects I found! Continue reading

Happy First Day of Fall + Shop Updates!


Summer escalated quickly!

I had such a great summer – full of trips, picnics and adventure. I hope you all had a great summer as well!

Fall is my ultimate favorite season – pumpkin spice lattes, cute jackets, dark-rinsed jeans, leather boots, and those warm fall colors. This October marks my last year in my 20s – OMG! To think that kindergarten was 24 years ago is mind-blowing. Older ones tell me I’m “getting there.” Never knew where “there” is but I assume it’s when I begin saying it to younger ones. Whatever the case, I have a small bucket list of things to complete this coming year. The goal is to gloat about when I’m older so I can easily say “oh, I did that in my 20s.” 😉

In other news, I notice the sun setting early which only means daylight savings time is around the corner (November 1st to be exact). Not sure if I’m ready for the early darkness but then I’m ecstatic about the extra hour of sleep. Seriously, what is the real time anyway?

Shop Updates:

I will be adding new items to the Niecynotes shop as well! At the moment, there are digital printables for your home decor needs such as:

StayPositive-YPB-niecynotes BeWiseOwl-niecynotes LiveFreeLoveFree-niecynotes StayPositive-FRENCH-GBY-niecynotes

I will try to incorporate more French quotes and prints in the shop since I’m still learning. Also, be on the lookout for some fall inspired projects and recipes!

Until next time, au revoir!