{Pin-Spired} Men’s Money Dress Shirt

What other gift could be better than hard cash? How about making it into a shirt. Find out how!

Control, Alt, Delete
Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday: Control + Alt + Delete

Keep your positivity by controlling your reactions, changing your thinking and eliminating negativity.

Keep Smilin' Red Tee - niecynotes
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Keep Smilin’…Good Vibes Only

  Don't you love inspiring quotes? As you know, I am very into positive quotes and sayings. Now in my latest endeavor to bring positivity to people, I have initiated a few Teespring campaigns with positive apparel! What is Teespring exactly? Teespring is a print-on-demand site (mainly with t-shirts) that hosts various campaigns for different… Continue reading Keep Smilin’…Good Vibes Only

Don't fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today.
Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday: Fear Mediocrity

Have you ever went through a bout of fearing the unknown or future failures when it comes to a certain goal in mind? Well, STOP fearing and keep trying! A person could remain limited in thinking of the worst case scenario and ruminate over the what ifs. Like the old phrase goes, "you never know until you… Continue reading Motivation Monday: Fear Mediocrity