Fitbit Chronicles: Part IV

It's been a while since my last Fitbit chronicle post and I must say, there have been some major updates! First off, my Fitbit Flex 2 is still around but I upgraded to a Fitbit Inspire 2 just this past October. It's so nice and I've been buying bands for it on Amazon to match… Continue reading Fitbit Chronicles: Part IV


So, It’s Been a Year…

At first I wanted to start off with detailed updates on what's been happening with my life, but I think a snippet is enough. Just like many of you reading this, I've suffered through losing family and friends over the past year - some COVID related, some unrelated. I've even lost my dog from breast… Continue reading So, It’s Been a Year…

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday: Find Your Potential

What potential trade, hobby or passion is waiting to be unleashed in your life?