Easy Mason Jar Gifts

Sooo, it’s been a long while since my last post. Sorry you guys! Offline life has consumed me so much! But I want to help you out.

We are right in the middle of graduation/wedding/baby shower/other celebrations season and you know what that means – GIFTS. I personally know at least eight people who are graduating within the next month and about two couples getting married but I haven’t heard about any babies yet (I’m sure that news will come soon too). All I can think about is making DIY gifts for everyone! Sometimes a simple gift card can be impersonal. Cash gifts are cool but where’s the creativity? Thus, my latest Pinterest session inspired me to think about mason jar gifts! Continue reading

Need Wedding Invitations?

Hey there all. 😊 Can you believe we are in the thick of the wedding season already? Wow. Are you stressing about save-the-dates and invitations for an upcoming wedding this year? Don’t worry, I can help you out!

I love to DIY and surely there are many brides (and grooms) who do too. However, between the stress of the wedding plans + possible money issues + high emotions on all sides, DIY can go from fun to frustrating when time is limited.
Wedding Stress!
Allow me to help you with something small but very important: the invitations!
Sample 1

On Fiverr, I design digital invitations for you to print out at your local printery (Staples, Kinkos, or even a boutique print shop). I will send out drafts of a chosen design and once approved, a high resolution PDF of the final design will be sent.

New to this whole digital design thing? Read on. I promise I won’t bore you!
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