Foodie Friday: Smoothie Bowl

Back to the healthy stuff. 😉

Many people opt for a smoothie or pressed juice drink in the morning when they are trying to get fit and lose weight. I have tried it and realized it is not for me. Not all the time, anyway. I need to physically chew food in the morning just to feel like I’m going to be full or satisfied. I guess it’s a psychological thing.

Lately, the only smoothies I have had are the ones from the store (Bolthouse, Naked, Odwalla) and even those were far and few between. Almost out of nowhere, I start hearing about smoothie bowls. I’m almost positive these things have been out for years and I am just late. What is a smoothie bowl, you ask (if you are clueless like I was)? Essentially it is what it sounds like: a bowl filled with a smoothie.

You make a smoothie with the normal ingredients but blend it a bit thicker in a yogurt consistency. Add toppings like granola or leftover fruit and eat with a spoon. 🙂

Here’s a helpful infographic from Hello Glow on making a smoothie bowl:


Sounds easy enough, right? I really like how the site breaks down the nutrients of each layer. Mind Body Green is another great health site that features other smoothie bowl recipes like these:


Don’t these look more filling than a drinkable smoothie? Maybe it’s the artsy girl in me and the colors make it more appealing to eat? I can look forward to having these throughout the day!

Have fun produce shopping this weekend! 😉

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Foodie Friday: Cucumber Roll Ups

This week, I aim to please the vegetarians and vegans with a recipe I found via Pinterest. Clearly, I’m a carnivore – apparently also a dinosaur (*sarcasm*). Sidenote: What is the politically-correct term for “meat eater” anyway? In any case, these roll ups are great for everyone as well as a good choice for entertaining guests.

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Healthy Meal Tips from Brown Veggiemom

First things first, I am sooo not a vegan. Far from it, really. I’m pretty carnivorous.

However, I have tried some vegan and vegetarian meals and I approve. 🙂 It took me a while, but I’m actually ok with meatless meals every now and then. Two caveats though: it MUST be flavorful and FILLING!

I cannot be satisfied with a kale/ spring mix/tomato/carrot salad with an ounce of olive oil dressing and be “good”. Now if you personally have that diet, I have all the respect; it may be delicious for you. For me? Nada.

I have a friend named Cherri. Who is Cherri?


This is Cherri – the Brown Veggiemom

The best vegan chef that I know! She has this knack for making vegan and vegetarian meals fun, flavorful and filling. Plus, she doesn’t force people to be vegan. She simply suggests ideas to make food more plant-strong.

For example, I am big on desserts. She made this loveliness of an Apple Crisp and posted it on her blog:


Apple Crisp via Brown Veggiemom

Here’s a tip explaining the uses of various apples:

  • Pies: Granny Smith is the classic green apple that is crisp and has a tart flavor that stand up to baking.
    Other choices: Cameo and Winesap
  • Apple Sauce: Gala is mildly sweet with fragrant yellow and red thin skin.
    Other choices: Rome and Macintosh
  • Baking: Pink Lady – my second favorite, they are firm, crisp and have a sweet-tart taste the skin is pink with yellow
    Other choices: Pippin, Sierra Beauty and Granny Smith.
  • Cider: Fuji is extra crisp and both sweet and tart and have a flavor that most resembles that of freshly pressed apple juice.
    Other choices: Winesap, Jonagold and Gala
  • Eating: Honeycrisp is sweet with a touch of tart and amazingly crisp and as you can probably guess, my favorite.
    Other choices: Gala and Criterion”

Her blog is called Brown Veggiemom and it features various recipes, tips, meal revamps, help for families who want to be vegetarian/vegan and much more to live a fulfilling, healthy life.

No frills. Just healthy meals.


Check out her blog and the latest in her vegan living. By the way, she has a great interview posted with another vegan blogger, Brown Vegan.

So, what do you think about the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle?