Motivation Monday: Courage



Having the courage to do or say something is a scary feat. This is especially true when we feel inadequate in some sort. We may even feel like we are not taken seriously. But should this fear – whether real or imagined – take over? Simply, no. Yes, courage doesn’t come with a guarantee of unlimited fearlessness. The same is true of our fears – it is no guarantee that they would make us weak. Ironically, it takes courage to overcome our fears to be courageous! Isn’t that something to think about? 😎

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Motivation Monday: Embrace the Struggle


Yes, the struggle is temporary. A piece of coal has to go through a rough process to turn into a diamond. It takes some irritation for bits of rock (to be politically correct, calcium carbonate) to become a pearl. What makes us believe a success will not have its challenges?

Personally, I’ve been through rough situations that transitions to positive experiences. Sometimes it takes a fight to make us stronger. So if you are struggling with something in life, don’t worry – it will get better! Not to mention, if one day goes wrong, we have another day to make it up. Do not count your bad day as an inevitable end. Tomorrow is a new day. And so is the next day. And the next. I think you get the point. 🙂

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Be Inspired, Stay Encouraged {Free Download}

It has been such a long while since my last post! I really do apologize my lovelies.

I have been concentrating on the Fiverr page I set up a few weeks ago. I am really trying to create all kinds of designs for this upcoming wedding and graduation season. To make up for lost time with you all, I thought I’d post a free downloadable wallpaper for your computer, tablet or phone.

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