Motivation Monday: Become Your Priority


Sometimes, the line between altruism and self-care can become thin. Granted, it is not a bad thing to help others to solve a problem, be a supporter, be a listening ear, etc. It is actually a gift. But the line wears thin when the helpful one tries to “save the day” – for everyone at the same time. This usually leads into mental, emotional and sometimes even physical self-neglect.

This is not to say a helpful person is foolish to be this “anchor” of sorts to everyone around them. It is foolish to not have a time to regroup and have some self-reflection time. Continue reading


Future Graduates, Listen Up!

I love graduation season! I think it is the sense of accomplishment that I love about it. It feels like yesterday since my college graduation. Actually, it was an unbelievable seven years ago! Who knew that would happen so fast?


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