Keep Smilin’…Good Vibes Only


Don’t you love inspiring quotes? As you know, I am very into positive quotes and sayings. Now in my latest endeavor to bring positivity to people, I have initiated a few Teespring campaigns with positive apparel! Continue reading


Motivation Monday: Change Someone’s Life for the Better


As humans, we have this tendency to be influential to others. Someone in our world admires us for what we do, believe in or stand for. Regardless if we know this fact or not, are we going to continue being a positive example?

Let’s be a positive force in this world. There are way too many people making this life harder than it needs to be. Let us be the reason why someone turned around and became an encouraging example to someone else. How can we do this? We can start with little things:

  • Smile more 😀
  • Give a hug
  • Give commendation
  • Share inspiring thoughts
  • Help as much as we can

Can we change a life today?

For more inspiring quotes, come back every Motivation Monday!

Stay Positive!

Stay Positive Quote

Thought I’d share a good quote for this sunny Saturday. If you need more inspiration, check out this post on – 9 Morning Hacks to Get Your Day Off to a Great Start. Oh, and to my US readers: Don’t forget to add an extra hour for Daylight Savings Time on Sunday at 2am. Yes, we’re missing an hour, but we gain an extra hour of daylight…which means Spring is just around the corner (woooo)!

Enjoy your day lovelies! 🙂