Motivation Monday: Become Your Priority


Sometimes, the line between altruism and self-care can become thin. Granted, it is not a bad thing to help others to solve a problem, be a supporter, be a listening ear, etc. It is actually a gift. But the line wears thin when the helpful one tries to “save the day” – for everyone at the same time. This usually leads into mental, emotional and sometimes even physical self-neglect.

This is not to say a helpful person is foolish to be this “anchor” of sorts to everyone around them. It is foolish to not have a time to regroup and have some self-reflection time. Continue reading


Motivation Monday: Energy Speaks Volumes

Your energy introduces you before you even speakWe all have a vibe about us. Is yours upbeat, positive and approachable? Or standoffish, negative and withdrawn?

Energy is contagious. If you have a bad attitude, chances are others will imitate it or worse, shut down from intimidation. If your mind is filled with positive thoughts, your happiness will “spill out” and energize others. Spread the love – encourage a friend, give praise to a workmate, or help someone with a difficult task. Think of how the sun emits warm rays and how refreshing it is to us on a cold day. That is the type of energy we should all have – a refreshing one!

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Be Inspired, Stay Encouraged {Free Download}

It has been such a long while since my last post! I really do apologize my lovelies.

I have been concentrating on the Fiverr page I set up a few weeks ago. I am really trying to create all kinds of designs for this upcoming wedding and graduation season. To make up for lost time with you all, I thought I’d post a free downloadable wallpaper for your computer, tablet or phone.

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2015 – Wow

Hello all! It’s 2015 (wooooo!) and we made it another year alive and well. Everyone looks to make changes in the new year but I feel that if you want to make a change, just go for it at the time you think about it. Last year, I had a number of transitions – big and little, good and bad, sudden and gradual. Those transitions made me think about life and where I was in it.


Now it’s time to turn up the heat with those transitions and move along in a positive direction. 🙂 I don’t do “new year’s resolutions” because setting goals shouldn’t be limited to a certain month or year. Life is an ongoing process! I want to make life goals. I’m all about the future, baby!! 😜😎