Welcome May + First Friday!

Hello May

2015 is going so fast – summer is around the corner!

Today is also Avengers day for movie and comic buffs out there. I’m an Avengers fan but I’ll spare my comments and hype over it since there are plenty of posts about it today. Continue reading

Philly: The Second Best Place to Shop in the WORLD?!

Whoa! Who knew that would be announced?


Screenshot via Condé Nast Traveler - Philadelphia is Second-Best

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was listed as the second best place to shop in the world between #1 Barcelona, Spain and #3 Hong Kong, according to a Condé Nast reader survey. Reading Terminal Market and the 3rd Street shops were top on the lists of places to shop.

Frankly, when I saw that headline I was taken aback. I guess it’s the whole “I’m-used-to-Philly-because-I-lived-here-all-my-life” thing. I do like to shop here in Philly, however I love shopping in New York. Surprisingly to me, New York was #24 on the Best Shopping Cities list. One of my favorite places to shop is Earrings Plaza in Manhattan for some quick and cheap accessories. 😍


Granted, there is a great highlight to shopping in Philly compared to other places. I love the perk of buying clothes and shoes without the extra taxes on it. If I see a sweater for $24.99, better believe I am paying $24.99 for that sweater. Take advantage of this perk in some of the cool shopping areas in Philly:

Old City has the vintage shops and trendy boutiques for the hipsters out there. There are many small shops in this area and it gives a shopper that cozy feeling. Try visiting a museum or doing a tour along the way via walking, segway, trolley or horse and buggy! From the Liberty Bell to the National Constitution Center, you will learn more about the history of Philadelphia and America after your shopping trip. ☺

Reading Terminal Market has all kinds of foodstuffs to please anyone. A few friends of mine went there on a whim and visited a restaurant that sold Gator Soup (yes, alligator). The Gator Soup was approved by those foodies – they said it tastes like beef stew. You can be the judge of that! The market also have plenty of bakeries, American fare (especially cheesesteaks), produce markets and international foods.

• Not too far is the Gallery at Market East (also known as The Gallery) which has everything inside. It’s one of the more popular, “normal” malls for individuals and families alike. Plus, it is connected to different public transportation routes so accessibility is very easy here. Don’t forget to get your Auntie Anne’s pretzel before you leave!

South Street is another area full of stores and restaurants that stay open late. It is literally around the corner from Penn’s Landing and the Camden, NJ view. South Street shopping begins around 2nd Street and the main strip ends around 11th, with spurts of stores afterward. There’s definitely something for every adult – wouldn’t really say it’s the greatest “family-friendly” area because of the risqué stores (you’ll know them when you see them lol). Other than that, a shopper can find some great clothes and accessories from the small boutiques within this strip.

Rittenhouse Square is a great area to shop – more of the high end stores live here. Boyd’s, Lacoste, Nordstrom Rack, The Liberty Place mall and more stores all around. Walking in this area makes you feel a little special. If you have the money, stop inside one of these shops and find your next outfit for the weekend. If you don’t have the money, grab a latte from La Colombe or Starbucks and window shop! Lol

After considering this list, Philly is worth being second best for shopping. There is a plethora of stores all over and not just from the ones listed. What a great honor!