The Millennial Crisis: Turning 30

So of course I had to come back from this long hiatus with an epic topic. 😏

I have been so busy!! New job, new places traveled, new weather season, new clothes, etc., etc. I know all of us have been busy and it’s slowing down *just* a tad because of the season change. Continue reading

Motivation Monday: Change Someone’s Life for the Better


As humans, we have this tendency to be influential to others. Someone in our world admires us for what we do, believe in or stand for. Regardless if we know this fact or not, are we going to continue being a positive example?

Let’s be a positive force in this world. There are way too many people making this life harder than it needs to be. Let us be the reason why someone turned around and became an encouraging example to someone else. How can we do this? We can start with little things:

  • Smile more 😀
  • Give a hug
  • Give commendation
  • Share inspiring thoughts
  • Help as much as we can

Can we change a life today?

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Motivation Monday: Get Away From Comfort Zones

Great things never came from comfort zones.

Comfort zones are tricky. They can deceivingly submerge you into the routine things of life and convince you that everything is fine. Then one day, a brave inkling of a thought emerges: Ok, I’ll try it.

When I decided to learn French last year, it was something completely new and unexpected. The thought of me easily saying “yes” to a life-changing decision took me aback. Once I realized I was out of my comfort zone, it was too late – I was fully immersed into the language, the cultures and…had fun! To this day, I’m still having fun learning and exploring with lots of new friends. You never know how different your life can be by taking that first step out of that warm and cozy comfort zone. Think about what you can do (or have done) to get out of your comfort zone and reflect on the benefits. 😉

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