Pin-Spired – DIY Denim Jewelry Holder

Oh, the love of good jeans gone bad…


No, they are not distressed on purpose. These are worn and torn from overuse. For those who may not be familiar, this rippage (<- word?) was the result of “rubbing-thigh-itis” (<- not a word). I absolutely HATE when this happens to good jeans over time. Well, this is more incentive to tone up at the gym lol.

In the meantime, my sentiments for one of my fav pair of jeans could not be tossed in the trash. So…I searched on Pinterest for a DIY alternative and found this:


A jewelry holder! Ann Marie from White House Black Shutters made this and I thought it was the best idea + my newest Pin-Spired project! She used thumbtacks to frame the board but I added a little spin to mine.

How I Did It

Items to get:

  • corkboard (I got a pack of 4 from CVS)
  • old jeans or denim fabric
  • sharp scissors
  • iron/iron board or really flat surface (some use the floor…tomato, tomata)
  • any color ribbon (I chose 1-inch thick and doubled it for sturdiness)
  • stapler with plenty of staples
  • push pins
  • wall hangers of some sort – the metal kind are much sturdier

What to Do:

    1. Take jeans, lay them out flat and grab those scissors. Cut the jeans legs off horizontally (I started where the aforementioned rip began, but it could be mid-thigh).

Bare with me, I quickly took pics on my phone and the quality isn’t the greatest lol.



  • Plug in iron (in safe place). You’re going to need it soon.
  • Grab one jean leg at a time and cut at the seam. Open into a big rectangle. Do this for other leg.
  • Get the iron, lay one of the jean legs flat on the iron board and iron until all wrinkles are out. Do same for other leg and set aside.
  • Don’t forget to turn that iron off!!
  • Measure one piece of denim around one corkboard square. Fold around, making sure it is flat and form-fitting to the board.
  • Grab the scissors again and cut about 12-15 inches of ribbon. Fold the ribbon to double it.
  • Staple the ribbon inside of a fold of fabric on the back of the board. Continue stapling the fabric down on the back, keeping sure everything is flat.
  • Hammer or stick on the wall hanger on a wall. Hang jewelry holder on to test.




  • Once satisfied, tack on push pins and hang your jewelry!



I love how this came out for me! Thanks Ann Marie and Pinterest!!

How did it come out for you?