Hello there! My First Post!

Hey you all!

Glad to be here on WordPress! My name is Denise and I sell small greeting cards as a hobby on Etsy + love to write!


Let's Meet Over Coffee Card

I’m Philly born and bred – yes I’m one of those crazy sport fans we Philadelphians are known for. I “bleed green” for the Eagles and cheer on those Sixers! I know a little about baseball (the Phils) and hockey (the Flyers) but I cheer them on too – whether I know what’s going on in the game or not. 😉

Sidenote: EXCELLENT Eagles game this past Sunday. 27-zip, Eagles. We’re tied with those Cowboys 5-1 in the NFC East for now…I CANNOT wait for the Eagles vs. Cowboys game coming up Thanksgiving! I gotta plan a party or something…

Other than my tomboy love of sports teams, I go the other extreme and am very girly when it comes to clothes, shoes, accessories, Emojis and Hello Kitty. I also love art, DIY projects, and crafts. You’ll see plenty of all those here.

Psychology and social media are also interests of mine. I have a Bachelors in Public Relations and Advertising, but my childhood experiences with arts and crafts led me to design!

If you noticed on my About page, I took a few free personality type tests (like this one: 16 Personalities quiz ) and all of them told me I am an INFJ — Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging. One of the RAREST personality types in the world! Ha! The INFJ is known for creativity, helping people,counseling, teaching, and more nice things. 😎 Go ahead, take the test and tell me what type you are – I’m interested!

I hope you enjoy this blog as I will feature my hobby shop, recipes found on Pinterest, learning to eat better, DIY projects (there’s that teaching aspect coming out), crafts and much more artsy things.

Feel free to follow the blog via WordPress or email and any of the social links on the right.

See you soon!