Motivation Monday: Let Go of the Past


Photo by Justice Understanding

Quote: “I don’t know what hurt u ma, but I know that living in the past just hurt u more.”

This past Thursday, I attended my young friend’s first photo exhibition at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center. I saw some really great works all around (including my friend’s, of course) and then I saw this wall of quotes. I’m not sure if the person (named Justice Understanding under the quotes and photos) who posted this is the author of the quote or not, but I thought this was so profound.

Although there’s a bit of street slang (i.e. “ma” which eludes to a woman), the message overtakes it. Bringing old problems into the present truly limits us. Especially if we are trying to change some aspect of our lives. Why live in the past and sulk in mistakes? Let’s learn from those mistakes, move forward and prove to ourselves that we can have a better future.

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2015 – Wow

Hello all! It’s 2015 (wooooo!) and we made it another year alive and well. Everyone looks to make changes in the new year but I feel that if you want to make a change, just go for it at the time you think about it. Last year, I had a number of transitions – big and little, good and bad, sudden and gradual. Those transitions made me think about life and where I was in it.


Now it’s time to turn up the heat with those transitions and move along in a positive direction. 🙂 I don’t do “new year’s resolutions” because setting goals shouldn’t be limited to a certain month or year. Life is an ongoing process! I want to make life goals. I’m all about the future, baby!! 😜😎