Foodie Friday: Fruit and Wine Sorbet

Last week was fruit for the morning. How about some fruit for the evening? 😉

Wine is on my mind today. Not because I want any at the moment (still a little early for me), but because I’m attending a “wine and cheese party” over a friend’s house tomorrow. I don’t know what kind of wines and cheeses will be served, but I know it will be a fun time! I want to bring something and I searched for ideas on Pinterest and boom, this loveliness came in view: Continue reading


Foodie Friday: Donuts!

I like certain donuts. Dunkin Donuts’ glaze is my favorite in comparison to Krispy Kreme (sorry, not that big of a fan). I do like Krispy Kreme’s raspberry filled donuts. Other than that, eh. Somehow in my super busy week, I had a sliver of time to try out a Philly-based donut shop called Federal Donuts. I’ve heard of the place, even had friends rave about it. For some reason, it never clicked to me to go and try it.

Until Tuesday. Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Garlic Honey Ginger-Glazed Salmon

For some reason, I am the only one in my family who absolutely LOVES salmon. Everyone else like the other basic fish (i.e. tilapia, flounder) and feel as if salmon has too much of a “fishy” taste. Regardless of this fact, I love to find new and easy recipes for it. I found this recipe from Sally (one of my favorite food bloggers) from Sally’s Baking Addiction: Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Chalkboard Cookies

I found another fun foodie project for everyone – chalkboard cookies! This is such a cute idea and is something great to make with the kiddos over the weekend. Look at these lovelies from Ashlee Marie: Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Apple Roses

More food to roll up!

I love when food is fun and creative to make. Last week was all about the cucumber roll ups. This week, let’s take it up a notch and make an easy dessert – Apple Roses.


I found this recipe from Cooking with Manuela and she even includes a short tutorial video:

Adorable aren’t they? I attempted to make these before and made the mistake of not cutting the slices as thin as possible. I got a little lazy and figured the warm lemon water mix would make it flexible enough. No my friend, follow the directions as so and it will come out perfect like these!

Just as the cucumber roll ups were versatile, so are these. You can use peach preserves instead of apricot or little to no confectioner’s sugar. Puff pastry however, is a mandatory base. Any other crust (i.e. pie crust) will not work as flexible or be as rectangular to cut evenly.

Have fun with this recipe and show these beauties off to your friends! When they are all aligned together on a serving dish, they are *so* pretty. 🙂

Bon appetit!

5 Ways to Spring Up Your Home Decor

Whoever loves art and home decor like I do, raise your hand. Ok, you can put it down now because I really can’t see you!

It’s that time of year again – Springtime that is. Time to think about revamping the home inside and out. Ok, ok, yes technically it is still winter and at the moment Philly is in the middle of a rainy/winter mix storm. The thought of a sunny Spring day is still on my mind though! March is next week, you guys. Spring is just around the corner. 🙂


Currently, I am scouring DIY projects on Pinterest and many ideas are springing up (really did not mean to add that pun). I want to add some bright colors and eye-pleasing art at home to take away the winter blues (I’m just on a roll). So here are some mood-boosting DIY home decor projects I found! Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Cucumber Roll Ups

This week, I aim to please the vegetarians and vegans with a recipe I found via Pinterest. Clearly, I’m a carnivore – apparently also a dinosaur (*sarcasm*). Sidenote: What is the politically-correct term for “meat eater” anyway? In any case, these roll ups are great for everyone as well as a good choice for entertaining guests.

Continue reading