Pin-Spired: Design on Fiverr!

I should be the spokeswoman for Pinterest.

I tell you, if you need to find out how to do something, Pinterest is always there. One day, I was checking out some pins from the “Everywhere” section and I saw a pin about this site: Fiverr. I heard of it, but I wasn’t fully sure of what it was about. I clicked the link and went crazy! If you have a talent – whether it’s making a graphic design, doing voice-overs for a commercial, creating a strategic marketing plan – you can do it here! And for $5 (USD).

Now I was a little skeptical at first like “how can I do all this work for 5 bucks?” However, there is a nice catch – there is an option to add other services (which they call “Extras”) and the price point can be higher.

Ok, this doesn’t sound too bad now.

I like the idea of helping someone with creative projects. I thought about what I’m good at – designing. I wish I had a nice smooth voice for voice-overs and videos though. I’m getting over a slight sinus infection so my voice isn’t the greatest now. Back to design: I thought hey, I could start off with a tester “gig” by making Etsy shop banners. Therefore, I signed up and I have my own little spot in the Fiverr world.

Check out my Fiverr page (and if you need help with a banner, sign up to buy my gig)!


Etsy Banner Sample on Fiverr

Another Etsy Banner Sample

Another Etsy banner sample

I want you to be part of this Fiverr journey with me. It sounds really fun! What other services should I include? Invitations? Flyers? Letterhead? I’m excited!