Spring Forward: Change the Clocks Before Bed!


Right when I feel like my sleep pattern is back in alignment, this happens. Almost forgot about it myself! My US folks, change your clocks ahead one hour on Sunday at 2 a.m. Better yet, change your clocks tonight before bed so you won’t forget. 🙂 Oh and add new batteries to your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors!


Happy First Day of Fall + Shop Updates!


Summer escalated quickly!

I had such a great summer – full of trips, picnics and adventure. I hope you all had a great summer as well!

Fall is my ultimate favorite season – pumpkin spice lattes, cute jackets, dark-rinsed jeans, leather boots, and those warm fall colors. This October marks my last year in my 20s – OMG! To think that kindergarten was 24 years ago is mind-blowing. Older ones tell me I’m “getting there.” Never knew where “there” is but I assume it’s when I begin saying it to younger ones. Whatever the case, I have a small bucket list of things to complete this coming year. The goal is to gloat about when I’m older so I can easily say “oh, I did that in my 20s.” 😉

In other news, I notice the sun setting early which only means daylight savings time is around the corner (November 1st to be exact). Not sure if I’m ready for the early darkness but then I’m ecstatic about the extra hour of sleep. Seriously, what is the real time anyway?

Shop Updates:

I will be adding new items to the Niecynotes shop as well! At the moment, there are digital printables for your home decor needs such as:

StayPositive-YPB-niecynotes BeWiseOwl-niecynotes LiveFreeLoveFree-niecynotes StayPositive-FRENCH-GBY-niecynotes

I will try to incorporate more French quotes and prints in the shop since I’m still learning. Also, be on the lookout for some fall inspired projects and recipes!

Until next time, au revoir!

First Half of 2015 – Complete!


Welcome June and hello (soon to be) summer!

How was your first half of 2015? Hopefully good! I know mine was pretty busy but decent. Nothing too crazy. 🙂 Now it’s time to think about goals for the second half of the year.

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Be Inspired, Stay Encouraged {Free Download}

It has been such a long while since my last post! I really do apologize my lovelies.

I have been concentrating on the Fiverr page I set up a few weeks ago. I am really trying to create all kinds of designs for this upcoming wedding and graduation season. To make up for lost time with you all, I thought I’d post a free downloadable wallpaper for your computer, tablet or phone.

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Spring Forward: Change Your Clocks One Hour Ahead


Isn’t this the truth? Think about it: we have one day out the year that is 23 hours and another that is 25 hours- we need transition time! Lol

Time to move those clocks one hour ahead before bedtime tonight! Our phones and tablets may change by themselves but you can never be sure. My smartphone did fail me once so I’m definitely using my regular ol’ digital alarm clock to wake up tomorrow.

By the way, check out some helpful tips by Premeditated Leftovers about what else to check for during Daylight Savings Time. Here are a few quoted:

“Replace the batteries in your Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector.  Making sure to replace and test these devices twice a year can be the difference between life and death.  Make sure to help any elderly loved ones in your life as well.  If they can’t do it on their own, some fire departments have programs that will assist.

•  Reverse the direction on your ceiling fan.  In the Spring fan blades should rotate counter clockwise to help cool down the rooms.  In the Fall, switch the direction to clockwise which helps pull down the warm air that gets trapped near the ceiling.  Both of these measures help save cost on heating and cooling.

•  Flip and rotate your mattress to help promote even wear and tear. Unless you have a no flip mattress.  Then just rotate it.”

Find seven more helpful tips on their site.

Enjoy your rest and have a great night!

Stay Positive!

Stay Positive Quote

Thought I’d share a good quote for this sunny Saturday. If you need more inspiration, check out this post on Inc.com – 9 Morning Hacks to Get Your Day Off to a Great Start. Oh, and to my US readers: Don’t forget to add an extra hour for Daylight Savings Time on Sunday at 2am. Yes, we’re missing an hour, but we gain an extra hour of daylight…which means Spring is just around the corner (woooo)!

Enjoy your day lovelies! 🙂

Niecynotes on Instagram!

Hey guys and gals,

Niecynotes is on Instagram!


The link –> instagram.com/niecynotesblog or simply @niecynotesblog when you search on Instagram.

In the upcoming future, you’ll find:
♡ DIY pics
♡ New blog posts
♡ Niecynotes shop announcements
♡ Giveaways + Promos
♡ Notes and quotes, of course 😉

Also, feel free to send DIY posts via direct message. I’m always up for new projects!

So, if you have Instagram, follow along!