Motivation Monday: Anxiety vs. Gratitude


This statement is so much easier said than done. There are too many problems that can rob us of our peace, whether it’s financial, emotional, physical or mental. But will the ongoing worry change the situation(s)? Likely, not. Having a “worst-case-scenario” mindset will only lead to an undue fear. Continue reading


Motivation Monday: Know Your Worth

worth quote

Have you ever felt unappreciated despite how much you do for someone or for a cause? You may give lots of love, be a very kind and gracious person, have an exceptional skill in articulation, have a “team player” attitude, be proficient in a trade, whatever. But somewhere around the line these characteristics seem ignored by others. You may feel discouraged at times, as if your positive traits are valueless. Does this make you less of a person? No.

You must remember that there are people who have no clue as to how to measure value. Do not think that whatever you do is not enough. Somewhere in that glimmer of light, you are helping someone or something for the better. Measure your own worth and keep building your confidence. You are full of value – don’t ever forget it! 🙂

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Motivation Monday: What is Your “Why?”


Hey all!

In order to push through our obstacles, we need to motivate ourselves with a little reflection. This is especially true when doubt creeps in and those statements in our head say… Continue reading

Motivation Monday: Become Your Priority


Sometimes, the line between altruism and self-care can become thin. Granted, it is not a bad thing to help others to solve a problem, be a supporter, be a listening ear, etc. It is actually a gift. But the line wears thin when the helpful one tries to “save the day” – for everyone at the same time. This usually leads into mental, emotional and sometimes even physical self-neglect.

This is not to say a helpful person is foolish to be this “anchor” of sorts to everyone around them. It is foolish to not have a time to regroup and have some self-reflection time. Continue reading

Motivation Monday: Stubborn Goals, Flexible Methods

stubborn about goals

Too many of our “goals” become mere wishes in our minds; added as another idea on the bucket list. But once we finally act on our goals, it can be both exciting and daunting. Unfortunately, obstacles often get in the way. That is when we must become stubborn, rigid, unmovable in fulfilling our goals. Continue reading

Motivation Monday: Change Someone’s Life for the Better


As humans, we have this tendency to be influential to others. Someone in our world admires us for what we do, believe in or stand for. Regardless if we know this fact or not, are we going to continue being a positive example?

Let’s be a positive force in this world. There are way too many people making this life harder than it needs to be. Let us be the reason why someone turned around and became an encouraging example to someone else. How can we do this? We can start with little things:

  • Smile more 😀
  • Give a hug
  • Give commendation
  • Share inspiring thoughts
  • Help as much as we can

Can we change a life today?

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Motivation Monday: Embrace the Struggle


Yes, the struggle is temporary. A piece of coal has to go through a rough process to turn into a diamond. It takes some irritation for bits of rock (to be politically correct, calcium carbonate) to become a pearl. What makes us believe a success will not have its challenges?

Personally, I’ve been through rough situations that transitions to positive experiences. Sometimes it takes a fight to make us stronger. So if you are struggling with something in life, don’t worry – it will get better! Not to mention, if one day goes wrong, we have another day to make it up. Do not count your bad day as an inevitable end. Tomorrow is a new day. And so is the next day. And the next. I think you get the point. 🙂

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