Allergies…and a Temporary Remedy?

For so many years, I’ve been suffering through year-round allergies. It intensifies during the season changes. Ugh. It truly doesn’t matter what time of year it is – I’m sneezing, blowing my nose, rubbing my eyes and “scratching” my inner ears. And don’t let my sinuses get pressure because I am usually DONE for the day.

I also suffer with mild eczema and found out I’m allergic to dust, pollen and have a high sensitivity to cats! I like cats too…


I tried the usual over-the-counter medications, homeopathic meds and the Neti-Pot (which I haven’t used lately since it’s a really icky process). They helped, but never seem to last long. That’s when I was told by health enthusiasts alike (vegans especially) that I should limit or stop dairy.

To be honest, I cannot stop dairy so abruptly. I must have my eggs and cheese and yogurt and whipped cream for goodness sakes! I don’t fill myself with dairy everyday and honestly, I barely drink milk. However, I will opt for a test week with limited dairy and use almond milk products JUST to see if this dairy thing really affects my allergies.

In the meantime, I was inspired by another blogger, Raven Foodie to share a recipe to temporarily remedy the sinus situation. She posted a recipe to help the common cold. A friend of mine from New York showed me a similar recipe to help with my allergies, mainly to clear up my stuffy nose.

There’s really no name to it, but I’ll call it Homemade Lemon Ginger Tea.

1 1/2 to 2 cups of water
• 2 inches of fresh ginger, sliced or chopped
• 1 lemon, sliced
• 1/4 cup of honey

So, you’ll add the water in a deep, medium pot. Add the ginger and lemon and begin to heat the water on medium for about 3 minutes. Add the honey. Stir. Always stir. If you taste-test it and feel you need more lemon or more honey, feel free to add it. Ginger can be a bit overpowering.

Continue boiling water until it’s all bubbly and steamy and the lemons lose their color/shape. Remove pot from stove carefully.

Now the tricky part.

When you pour the tea into a cup or thermos, BE VERY CAREFUL. I’d recommend you grab the pot handle with a potholder, slowly pour the tea into a thermos over the sink in case of spills. Then from the thermos into a mug. Rather be safe than have a stuffy nose and be scalded. 😕

Voilà! Now your nasal cavities will be free again, at least temporarily. Even while making the tea, the steam loosens your stuffy nose. And the mixture of fresh lemon and ginger will invigorate your tastebuds – well it does for me. 🙂

Anyone have any tips or knowledge about dealing with allergies?


Healthy Meal Tips from Brown Veggiemom

First things first, I am sooo not a vegan. Far from it, really. I’m pretty carnivorous.

However, I have tried some vegan and vegetarian meals and I approve. 🙂 It took me a while, but I’m actually ok with meatless meals every now and then. Two caveats though: it MUST be flavorful and FILLING!

I cannot be satisfied with a kale/ spring mix/tomato/carrot salad with an ounce of olive oil dressing and be “good”. Now if you personally have that diet, I have all the respect; it may be delicious for you. For me? Nada.

I have a friend named Cherri. Who is Cherri?


This is Cherri – the Brown Veggiemom

The best vegan chef that I know! She has this knack for making vegan and vegetarian meals fun, flavorful and filling. Plus, she doesn’t force people to be vegan. She simply suggests ideas to make food more plant-strong.

For example, I am big on desserts. She made this loveliness of an Apple Crisp and posted it on her blog:


Apple Crisp via Brown Veggiemom

Here’s a tip explaining the uses of various apples:

  • Pies: Granny Smith is the classic green apple that is crisp and has a tart flavor that stand up to baking.
    Other choices: Cameo and Winesap
  • Apple Sauce: Gala is mildly sweet with fragrant yellow and red thin skin.
    Other choices: Rome and Macintosh
  • Baking: Pink Lady – my second favorite, they are firm, crisp and have a sweet-tart taste the skin is pink with yellow
    Other choices: Pippin, Sierra Beauty and Granny Smith.
  • Cider: Fuji is extra crisp and both sweet and tart and have a flavor that most resembles that of freshly pressed apple juice.
    Other choices: Winesap, Jonagold and Gala
  • Eating: Honeycrisp is sweet with a touch of tart and amazingly crisp and as you can probably guess, my favorite.
    Other choices: Gala and Criterion”

Her blog is called Brown Veggiemom and it features various recipes, tips, meal revamps, help for families who want to be vegetarian/vegan and much more to live a fulfilling, healthy life.

No frills. Just healthy meals.


Check out her blog and the latest in her vegan living. By the way, she has a great interview posted with another vegan blogger, Brown Vegan.

So, what do you think about the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle?

Breast Cancer Awareness – BFRIN

We’re approaching the end of October which is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Before it ends, I want to tell you about a local non-profit organization that is helping with this awareness and providing relief supplies and services to affected ones. It’s called BFRIN.


If you live in the Greater Philadelphia region, you may have heard of this organization. BFRIN stands for Being Fitted Right Is Necessary. It began when the founder and President, Barbara Boye’r lost one of her sisters, Irene, to breast cancer years ago. Needless to say, Barbara was devastated. However, Barbara reflected on Irene’s vibrant view of life and felt it was a duty of hers to help teach others about breast cancer and provide services to help survivors. Thus, BFRIN was born!

BFRIN offers education, prostheses, mastectomy/lumpectomy bras, custom lymphedema supplies, wigs and much more for cancer survivors. The best part is that this organization serves everyone nationwide!

On October 29, 2014, BFRIN is providing a free seminar about breast cancer and some unknown facts about it. If you live or work in Philadelphia, stop by for education, live demos, healthy food tasting and giveaways! The information is below:

Breast Cancer – What You Don’t Know
October 29, 2014 ~ 5pm to 8pm

Free Library of Philadelphia – Central Branch
1901 Vine Street,
4th Floor, Skyline Room
Philadelphia, Pa 19103

Call BFRIN for more information at 866.473.3325

Hope you can make it and if not, please forward this information 🙂