Card of the Week – Apples Galore

For the longest time, I only ate green apples. I would have debates about green apples being better than red apples. Green ones were sweeter and crunchier. Period. Others insisted the red ones were the best but I never had one that was good.

One day, my friend offered me this huge apple that she bought from Whole Foods. Starving from the lack of breakfast that day, I took it, ate it and LOVED it! It was a Honeycrisp apple – so sweet, crunchy and juicy. And it was red.

Since then, I’ve experimented with many varieties of apples:

  • Braeburn
  • Fuji (the “cheaper Honeycrisp” in my opinion 😉
  • Gala
  • Golden Delicious
  • Granny Smith
  • Honeycrisp (of course)
  • Kiku
  • Piñata
  • Pink Lady
  • Red Delicious

Who knew there were these many and MORE delicious apples out there in the world?! And they all aren’t green either 😉

In honor of the apple variety, I decided to make a card dedicated to an apple celebration!


Give this card for a simple hello, congratulations, thank you, or for sweet encouragement. The card comes blank with a matching envelope and mixed apples for no controversy. 🙂




Buy one for $2.25 by clicking this link and share some apples!

It’s still apple season – buy a new type of apple for a friend (or a favorite teacher) and see if it will be a new fav of theirs!



Card of the Week – Let’s Meet Over Coffee

I love coffee. I think the love affair (aka addiction) began in college. I used to go to this little coffee shop on campus called Java City. They had this AMAZING frozen cappuccino drink with whipped cream and chocolate chips. When it got colder, I opted for their caramel lattes. I went there just about everyday (rather, every day I could afford it).

Years later, I’ve turned into a slight coffee snob. I love dark roast coffees and espresso. I have to have my coffee strong, but sweet with the right amount of cream for balance.

Intense right? Yeah, I know. 😉

Needless to say, if you are a coffee lover like me, you will enjoy this Card of the Week:


Let's Meet Over Coffee Card via niecynotes

This card is good for business meetups or simple “brunch dates.” It comes with a matching envelope.


Let's Meet Over Coffee Card

For those who like tea, make it a “let’s meet over tea” card instead!

Check it out in the shop and buy one for $2.25 or buy more for a discounted rate.

Invite someone to go out for a simple meet up: for coffee, for tea, for hot chocolate, for a sandwich – whatever. Spend an hour just hanging out with a good friend or networking with an entrepreneur. Have fun!

Card of the Week: From Me to You

Everyone loves getting a gift and what’s nicer than flowers? Ok… there are some nicer things out there if you’re thinking about electronics or jewelry (or whatever else is extra special to you, like Hello Kitty 🙂 ). But who can go wrong with flowers and a card? They are the go-to gift for anyone all year round!

Here’s a combo of both:


From Me to You Card via the niecynotes shop

Here’s what it looks like “live”:


Sorry, pen not included...

This card is blank inside for your special message and comes with a white or pink envelope. Give a little joy to someone this week and beyond and say “hey, this is from me to you.”

Give someone a simple “just because” gift -whether it’s this card, some flowers, a hug, a cupcake, a drawing, a poem, anything – and see what happens. 🙂

Card of the Week – Baby Carriage

Is it me or are there babies EVERYWHERE??! This year alone, I knew about 10 different friends who either had a baby or found out they were pregnant. I assume the 2013-2014 Winter season contributed to this baby boom…hmmmm…

Babies = Baby showers + Gifts and Cards

In honor of all the new little bundles arriving, I designed a new baby shower card for the mommy-to-be! Here it is:


It’s based off the K-I-S-S-I-N-G rhyme that we as former kids used to tease others with:

“So and So-and-So

Sitting in the tree


First came love, then came marriage

then comes ‘so-and-so’ with the baby carriage”

In order to make it general, I just used “you” on the card. If you want to customize the name, I can do it – just let me know via Etsy convo.



Get the card by clicking this link!

By the way, the little pampers in the photo are not included. However, a DIY post about making pamper gifts will be up soon. 🙂