Hearted It

Hearted It: Duolingo

Some time ago, I raved about Duolingo along with other free language apps. After using it for some years now, Duolingo has been the best and I’m learning at an even pace. In addition, the visuals, the new features, the self-competition have all been great! I’m celebrating a milestone of having a 300-day streak as of a few days ago (the longest one yet)!

My streak as of a few days ago!

I even tweeted about my streak and Duolingo liked it – woo!

Had to screenshot the shoutout and like by Duo!

The “Stories” section and the French Podcasts are two of my favorite features thus far. The stories are short, funny, and worth more “lingots” (points) which always helps. 😉 The podcasts are cool because they are based on true stories from French speakers around the world. Both of the features teach users with conversational French which is something I am still working on (even after all these years lol). I understand what people say to me, but sometimes I overthink what I will say back to them quickly like I would speak in English, then I draw a blank. Ugh!

I’m still on my journey for a year’s worth of consecutive learning on Duolingo. If you haven’t tried it yet and are curious, download the app or sign up online! They have plenty of languages to learn and more to come.

Passez une bonne journée, mes lecteurs!

This review was not paid in any way by Duolingo and is my exclusive opinion and enthusiasm of their services.

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