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Buy A Mask, Help Yourself + A Charity: Win!

Self-quarantine. Practice social distancing. Masks required. These are the new terms we see and hear since we are deep into pandemic life. Is this life the new norm?

At the moment, we can say yes. We can also say the call for creating non-medical masks have been fulfilled very well. Creatives have found a new ways to make masks – although I wouldn’t use some of these ideas (i.e. using twisted underwear, a Buzz Lightyear costume helmet, a piece of romaine, etc).

I have bought some new masks from online shops and from a friend. I was excited to find out that Redbubble is now offering double-layer, non-medical cloth masks now. It’s cool to see my designs on there! Take a look at some:

A little note about the first print: It’s so ironic that I made the “Don’t Get Sick” print months before the pandemic began! It was originally for the flu season.

Redbubble is offering these masks for $12.49 each and the money from each mask benefits the disaster relief organization Heart to Heart International. If you buy four masks, you get 20% off (and the money still goes to charity)! Nice deal! If you would like to buy any of these masks or more of my other designs, check out this link here.

Be safe everyone!

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