The Millennial Crisis: Turning 30

So of course I had to come back from this long hiatus with an epic topic. 😏

I have been so busy!! New job, new places traveled, new weather season, new clothes, etc., etc. I know all of us have been busy and it’s slowing down *just* a tad because of the season change. Not to mention, I’ve been fighting with my creative flow over the last few months. There were times I would look at my blog and feel guilty for not updating it from the same Foodie Friday post from June 11th. Other times I would want to write but it’s an inopportune time to do so (ahem, super early mornings when I can’t sleep – although that is a good time to lay it all out there).

Back to this topic of “crisis”: Turning 30. For years, I never understood why people felt this uneasy feeling of being in their 30s. People would cry!

People are making it a big deal.  It’s just another age, I thought.

Well, I’ve come to that point (sans tears) and feel that uneasiness. It’s partly “oh my God I’m getting old” and “man, I need to get my life together!” I can honestly say I’ve done things on my life’s to-do list while in my 20s, though I look again and see some spots missing. I know in time, things will fall into place. 😁

The general consensus after asking some 30+ers is that yeah there may be a freak out at 30 but it just gets better with time. I assume like fine wine 😉 There were a few friends who truly didn’t care about it. So far, it’s been a few months in and I’ve been called “ma’am” a few times (seriously not even close to it with my baby face), haven’t been asked for my ID when buying alcohol (I’m losing it! Or should these places lose their liquor licenses?) and been told I had this “older millennial vibe, not like people my age” by a coworker four years younger than me. What is that supposed to mean? Insult or compliment, no?

When I’m with friends, especially younger ones in their early 20s, I’m energetic! Somewhere in the time being with them, my energy levels off to the “I’m not doing that/I’m not staying out that long/let’s think about what we want to do first” factor and then I feel like the mom of the group. Sigh, sigh.

On the other end, I hang out with my friends in their 30s and so forth and have that “I’m grown” factor. My friends have it too but then a call/text from the hubby (or even their kids sometimes) comes through for being out a wee bit too late! Womp, womp.

Next Steps

I still feel a bit stuck in the middle amongst my various groups of friends. Despite this, I’ve come to a point in life where self care is very important. I’m always the one helping others first and myself last. This can be so unhealthy after a while! I’m still learning how to limit that and maybe this age transition may open my eyes to more things in this crazy thing called life. More self-reflection and self-love to come!

Have you gone through your own age transition period? Let me know in the comments!

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