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Coffee Crafts: A Real Thing

As I was perusing online, I stumbled upon a DIY site with various cool crafts. One of the crafts I saw was this via iCreative Ideas:


A coffee bean magnet! Who would’ve thunk it? Apparently, some coffee lover did.

In any case, I began searching for more coffee crafts because I’ve heard of coffee doing amazing things. Besides brewing and drinking a good cup, coffee grounds can be effective in garden fertilization as well as deterring insects and animals from lawns and gardens (a true Philly problem :-/ ), as a exfoliating body scrub with coconut oil and even an odor reducer (ladies, think about Sephora – the coffee beans “cleared” your scent “palette” before testing out a new perfume. The more you know ☆ミ). But that’s not all, folks. You can…

Decorate with Spray Painted Coffee Beans:

via StokeGlory

Make a Coffee Candle:

via Arts Ideas Crafts

Create Stand-Alone Table Decor with Coffee Beans:

via iCreative Ideas

Cool ideas, right? I’m inspired (and want a latte)! Who’s with me? 😉

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