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Side Project: DIY Blog

Hello all!

So if you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my tweet about this “side project” I’m working on.

Well, here goes: I started a blog about everything DIY! Arts, crafts, DIY projects, party food – yes everything artsy will be on this blog. What’s the blog? It’s called Acts of Flair.

Now about six years ago, I had a Blogger blog called Random Acts of Flair, and as explained in my first new blog post, it was fun, but all over the place. I guess the “random” part took over! I had no real niche and the first thing any blogger could tell you is that you need a central theme for your blog. Something you are passionate about. For this niecynotes blog, it’s more of a lifestyle blog. A little mix of travel, art, food – pretty cultural. Granted, it did start off as a promotional blog for my niecynotes shop. But I’m still featuring the “keeping positive” vibe that I wanted to bring out with the greeting cards, even through the hiatus.

What about this blog?

I won’t neglect this niecynotes blog. I’ll still feature the regulars like my Motivation Mondays and Foodie Fridays, among other things. I have realized that in order to work on two blogs + my offline life, I have to schedule it all out. Organize, prioritize and whatever-else-ize (couldn’t think of a cool word to rhyme 😉 ) everything. A trick that’s been helping me is this productivity tip:


It’s like having a mini-marathon of everything. Just like doing a brainstorming session back in school when the teacher told us to write as many words down as we can in ten minutes. Man, that memory goes way back!

In the meantime, I am so excited about my new blog! I made it with the idea of helping people who claim they are “not creative” make cool projects and gifts. Creative people are welcome to get inspired as well! There will be easy DIY projects, crafts, recipes for parties and all things art. So if you are interested, why not take a look and follow the blog? You can subscribe via WordPress Reader or email, just like this one. I hope you join in the fun! 😀

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