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Foodie Friday: Spinach Meatball Pizza

Have you ever had a memorable pizza experience? Like, it was the best pizza you ever had and you are ready to spend all your money to buy two or three of them?  Yeah, that’s me thinking about this pizza I had last month when I visited Ohio for a few days. It was from this place called Donato’s and my friends and I found it by accident. After an 8-hour ride, we wanted “real food” and not snacks (at that point, pizza was an actual meal to us). Just like any tourist, we Google-searched the nearest take out places and found this awesome restaurant with this awesome pepperoni pizza.


Excuse the blurriness. I was weak with hunger! It was amazing, even with the crunchies on the ends 😛

I love how it was cut in rectangles! And it was seasoned just right. Donato’s gave us a few crust options and we opted for thin crust. The best choice! So whoever is in the Columbus, Ohio area, please try that pizza place if you haven’t already. Fellow tourists- you have been warned. 🙂

So back to my pizza craze: I want one! I really don’t want a frozen pizza, nor do I want to spend money on a delivered one. Onward to my online search of homemade pizzas and I saw this recipe from one of my followers Jade & Rikki – Spinach Meatball Pizza. It seems intriguing and the result looks amazing *yum*:


I never thought to put meatballs on my pizza, much less meatballs, spinach and gouda cheese. Healthy with a little kick – I like it.  😀  Check out the full recipe and make it for this weekend!

Need more recipe ideas? Come back every Foodie Friday for a new one to try!

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