Purple for Lupus Awareness

A couple years back, my youngest nephew had this tiny mosquito bite-shaped bump on his face. Being that it was the dead of August, my family and I shrugged it off as a side effect of summer. As time went on, we realized that the mosquito bite got bigger and rounder, thus a trip to the dermatologist. After some tests, the doctor diagnosed him with discoid lupus, or skin lupus.  

Scared, frazzled and ignorant of the disease, my family and I wondered where it came from. There is no family history of the disease (that I know of). We questioned: Doesn’t this only affect women, not young boys? We still grumble about the unknown, but we do know that it isn’t contagious and that his lupus isn’t systemic. But we are careful. He still has to put SPF on everyday (like all of us should anyway, right 🙂 ) and cover up his skin during sunny days. The treatments are working. Ironically, he was already adjusting to his new “style” wearing different hats before all of this. Plus, he is more relaxed about it than anyone.

I know more people with the systemic disease and it is not pretty. Before this, I vaguely knew about the disease and what it did to people. Since the diagnosis, my family and I have been researching more about it and anything else that could help with treatments, even though there is no medical cure.

Well, to all who are new and unaware of this disease, here’s a helpful infographic by Miami Handle My Health that explains what lupus in general is all about:



May is Lupus Awareness Month and today is Lupus Awareness Day. Let’s learn more about this disease and do the best we can to support loved ones and strangers. 🙂


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