Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday: Leadership


All of us have the ability to teach someone. Being a teacher means being a leader. Are you leading the right way? 

Have you ever had a teacher in grade school or college who simply told you what you needed to know? I know I had a few during my school days and usually the information given was enough to pass a class and forget later. However, the teachers who actually took the time to guide me through a subject, listened to my concerns and encouraged me are the memorable ones. I still remember those teachers by name and the subject at hand. So what was the difference between the latter teachers and the former teachers? The true leaders took consideration in helping me understand the subject. The true ones guided me in the right direction in order to succeed. The true ones encouraged me to do my best.

Stop and reconsider what kind of teacher you are: Do you guide someone to a successful result or harshly enforce the “rules” of the trade? Are you encouraging or degrading to others? Hopefully, your leadership is a positive one and you make others think and not sink. 🙂

For more inspiring quotes, come back every Motivation Monday!

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