Foodie Friday: Fish Tacos

A few years ago, I would visit the rooftop taco truck at Whole Foods for a set of good fish tacos. The taco truck was the closest to get them and I never really visited Chipotle or Qdoba often. Wait: Are you with me or are you still stuck on the fact there was a truck on a roof? Yes indeed, a real food truck on the roof (with no working auto parts though – no worries). I assume it got there by crane? As far as I know, it is still on the roof at the Plymouth Meeting Whole Foods. 


Blue Route Taco Truck (pic via Facebook/Tommy Thompson)

I haven’t been over there in a while but I am craving a really good fish taco! Onward to Pinterest to find a suitable DIY recipe! I found this:


Blackened Mahi-Mahi Tacos with Spicy Chipotle Mayo by Anna from That Oven Feelin. Oh my, this looks amazing! I would limit the spicy mayo since I can’t always “take the heat.” This is a good party food for guests and much cheaper than buying a bunch of tacos from the Taco Truck. I may just have some tonight! 😛

Need more recipe ideas? Come back every Foodie Friday for a new one to try!



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