FitBit Chronicles: Part I

Yes, I am one of those crazy walkers with an armband counting my steps. I am that one who changes FitBit bands to match my outfit. I admit – I am a FitBitter.

Last year, I wrote a post about visiting the local trails in Philadelphia and had hopes of getting a FitBit to help me walk more. Well, I did get a FitBit Flex a couple of months later and haven’t turned back since. In the beginning, I was super excited but a little nervous of whether this investment was worth it to buy. As time moved on, I realized that it is truly beneficial! I would have never pushed myself to make 10,000 or more steps a day if I didn’t have my FitBit.


FitBit in its “naked” state (without the band) 

Having friends with a FitBit to push toward my goal is even more helpful. We participate in fun challenges like Goal Day (highest percentage of steps taken) and Workweek Hustle (a challenge for the most steps from Monday through Friday). Fortunately I have good friends who aren’t spitefully competitive. Although there was this one time…


There were some competitive taunts between a male friend and a female friend offline. You know how that goes – “man vs. woman.” My female friend was determined to win and made over 140,000 steps in one week. My male friend came close with over 120,000. Me? Yeah, I was the one highlighted in 4th place. But I was and still am content about that. 🙂


My biggest step day happened this past fall when I had a full day of walking. Total steps: 22,581.


My Personal Best for a Workweek Hustle happened this past week!


In all my six months of having this little tracker, I’ve won the weekly challenge twice and both within these last three weeks! So proud of myself!

What is also great is that my water intake has increased and I am more aware of how I am sleeping. I have tried the calorie counter feature on there, but either I forget to add in a food/drink or I feel bad adding in all those calories. So I stopped! lol Now there is a new feature similar to what the Apple Watch has: Movement per hour. It can track how many steps I take per hour. The recommended amount is 250 steps just to “get you moving,” as the feature describes. I found those stats to be pretty cool too! Who knew this little band around my arm would work wonders on my health?

Stay tuned next week for another installment of my FitBit Chronicles!

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation or contact from FitBit or its affiliates about reviewing this product. This is my exclusive personal review of the FitBit.


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