Foodie Friday: Donuts!

I like certain donuts. Dunkin Donuts’ glaze is my favorite in comparison to Krispy Kreme (sorry, not that big of a fan). I do like Krispy Kreme’s raspberry filled donuts. Other than that, eh. Somehow in my super busy week, I had a sliver of time to try out a Philly-based donut shop called Federal Donuts. I’ve heard of the place, even had friends rave about it. For some reason, it never clicked to me to go and try it.

Until Tuesday.

I was told that a Federal Donuts store was close to me in University City. I always thought it was just the one in Center City (apparently there are five locations). So I took a stroll there and ordered a Butter Pecan donut for about $2.70 with tax.

My Butter Pecan Donut by Federal Donuts

My Butter Pecan Donut by Federal Donuts

I bit into it and it just melted. I had a total OMG moment and scarfed it down while trying to savor it at the same time. That was the best donut I’ve EVER had! Seriously. Yesterday, I went back for their fried chicken sandwich for lunch and that was also excellent!

Now I’m on the hunt for donut recipes. For those not in the Philly area, I found a recipe that may have the same intensity. This donut recipe by Crystal from Little Bit Funky is made with Pillsbury Grands biscuits. Yes, those canned flaky biscuits that scares you when they pop open. Mind…blown.


I thought this was the most genius DIY foodie idea! So innovative and simple! I hope to make these for friends and family this weekend. Of course, I’ll eat them in moderation. Unless I happen to travel along and stumble upon Federal Donuts again. Moderation may fly out the window at that point. 😀

Need more recipe ideas? Come back every Foodie Friday for a new one to try!


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