Motivation Monday: Anxiety vs. Gratitude


This statement is so much easier said than done. There are too many problems that can rob us of our peace, whether it’s financial, emotional, physical or mental. But will the ongoing worry change the situation(s)? Likely, not. Having a “worst-case-scenario” mindset will only lead to an undue fear.

We must stop and reflect on what we have now and be thankful. Do we have a support system in our life that can help us manage our problems? Are we thankful to be alive another day despite our sicknesses? Do we think about others and help them instead of sulking in our own issues? Let’s stop the worry and be grateful…even if it’s for a few minutes a day. 😉

During lunch or dinner, think about the positive things that happened today. What gracious moments did you have? Write it down in a notepad if need be!

For more inspiring quotes, come back every Motivation Monday!


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