5 Reasons to Drink Infused Water

When I was younger, I very rarely drank water. I loved juice and sodas and practically had it all.the.time. During college, I developed my coffee addiction (thanks Java City :-/ ) and since then, I have this seemingly urgent need to have a cup a day. I’m not as bad as others…although when I miss a couple days, my head reminds me with a splitting migraine.

For a time, I worked at Whole Foods as a cashier and that jolted my water intake. Speaking with so many customers back to back for eight hours a day made my mouth dry. Asking the same “did you find everything ok?” plus other questions for more than 100 customers really made me feel dehydrated after a while (a little dramatic? Maybe. Unless you’ve worked retail before… 😉 ). My supervisor refused to let us cashiers drink anything but water and even that had to be packed away in a sport bottle.

I accepted the drinking water “challenge” and saw others doctor it up with fruits to make it more refreshing. I didn’t realize it was for detoxing as well. Little by little, I added lemon to my water and then other fruits like oranges and strawberries. Drinking it daily, I noticed my skin was much clearer, I lost some inches and weight, I was more energetic and I actually craved it throughout the day!

Years have passed and I still am drinking water everyday. I did slack a bit with the infused water but have recently reconnected with the idea when I saw my friend carry a bottle of lemon/cucumber/mint infused water. So, I did some research on it and found out some healthy benefits by Dr. Josh Axe on his site. Here’s an infographic of the five major benefits!



How to Make It

The best way to make a large amount of infusion detox water is to add purified or spring water in a gallon pitcher with fruit slices and herb pieces (mint, rosemary). I love that there are infusion pitchers like some of these at Target out now. Although if you want to make infusion water for yourself, here’s another infographic found via Pinterest to help:


As always, I love versatility with food and drink. You can easily mix or match the ingredients and still get a benefit out of it. What kind of infusion water will you make?



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