Motivation Monday: Become Your Priority


Sometimes, the line between altruism and self-care can become thin. Granted, it is not a bad thing to help others to solve a problem, be a supporter, be a listening ear, etc. It is actually a gift. But the line wears thin when the helpful one tries to “save the day” – for everyone at the same time. This usually leads into mental, emotional and sometimes even physical self-neglect.

This is not to say a helpful person is foolish to be this “anchor” of sorts to everyone around them. It is foolish to not have a time to regroup and have some self-reflection time. Are you one to push your needs aside? One to be above and beyond for everyone except yourself? Here are some helpful tips to relax, regroup and reflect:

  • Schedule time for yourself: Yes, put yourself in a timeslot on the calendar to stop everything and do something for yourself. Make an alarm for it! There are apps for this, you know.
  • Learn something new: Find a free class at the local library. Join a new hobby class online. Take a new workout class to get your blood pumping. Find an activity to get excited about; something that is yours.
  • Take a coffee or tea break: Step out of work, school or the house – alone – and get yourself a warm drink to wind down in minutes. To take it a step further, stay inside the cafe and sit down with your drink. There really is a calming effect doing this.
  • Have a spa day: Who doesn’t love a day of pampering? Surely, a massage and a mani/pedi will take those stresses away.
  • Act like a tourist: Sight-see around your city. Take pictures. Treat yourself to a tourist snack. Enjoy an indoor or outdoor historic tour, just like the newbies.
  • Shop or windowshop: Take a walk over to your favorite clothing or hobby store and…shop! Or at least write a list of things you want until the next time you come. Always a win-win.
  • Take a bath: Sometimes a shower can subliminally tell you to “hurry.” A bath forces you to stop, sit down and enjoy. Add some aromatherapy candles (safely) around the bathroom and literally soak in the atmosphere.

Remember, these tips are only a start to a journey of self-care. You can do this! 😀

For more inspiring quotes, come back every Motivation Monday!

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