3 Unique Ways to Travel Light

As mentioned in previous posts, I love to travel and am so excited about a few upcoming trips this year! One is a week long trip to the Bahamas and I am determined to pack just a carry-on. A few of my friends, however, feel it is impossible to pack light and MUST bring an extra bag to check at the airport.

Sorry, I’m not playing airport “Russian Roulette” with my clothes. There is so much risk to checked baggage. Let’s keep it easy – no stress. 🙂

After some research, I found a few cool ways to pack a carry-on with a week’s amount of clothes, shoes and toiletries. The main idea for each is to BUNDLE! Yes, bundling up clothes in a neat, concise way that fits into one bag.

One idea is an image from Epic Dash. Check out the link for more helpful tips. This is for the ultimate light packer here:


Truly for the one-outfit packer. Hopefully, the packer is already wearing pants (lol)! I’ll admit, this is way extreme for me. For me, the following bundling method way is more realistic by Travel Noire:

Isn’t this cool?! I love this bundling method and I am sure this will work better for me since it will require less ironing on my part. Another way to pack a bunch of items together is using packing cubes.


You can get them on eBagsAmazon, any department store and even IKEA. I like these too and they do pack a TON of stuff.

So what method do you prefer or do you have another one?


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