My (Second) Dream Vacation: Montreal!

It’s been about a year and four months since I began learning French. The time surely went by quickly! I don’t feel like I am fully fluent in the language even though many of my friends think I am way advanced. My goal this year is to test my French in a French-speaking (francophone) country. Hopefully I can accomplish it this year, if not next. My ultimate dream destination is and always will be Paris! Some people have said that it is “overrated” but whatever. I’m still heading over there one day.

A few of my friends are visiting Paris this summer (jealous!) and I would have gone if another trip did not conflict with it (sigh – all about the timing). After searching through many Parisian, Belgian and African travel guides online, I stumbled upon a guide for Montreal. I have heard about Montreal, but I never really knew much about it.

montreal-niecynotesOnce I looked through the Montreal guides online, I was in love! I discovered it was still on the East Coast, about two hours from Toronto, a French and English speaking country (mostly French though), and driving there would be roughly seven hours from Philly! Not to mention, I’ve heard about the food being great, especially the bagels. Here in Philly is a restaurant called Spread Bagelry which is a Montreal-inspired bagelry. I haven’t visited it yet, but I have heard wonderful things. 😀

I checked out flights for Montreal – flights are super expensive as expected. Driving there would be roughly seven hours non-stop. More research suggested that it is much cheaper to rent out an Airbnb apartment than stay at a hotel there. Also, it is beneficial to take public transportation or walk around town than drive. I then discovered that from May to September there are plenty of outdoor festivals for everyone to enjoy. All of these facts really inspired me to visit this laid-back artsy city! I’m so excited each time I look up more about Montreal.

Il y a beaucoup des resources au sujet de Montréal (There are many resources about Montreal)! To learn more for your own trip, here are a few sites I researched:

Have any of you gone to/lived in Montreal or have any helpful hints? Let me know in the comments!


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