Welcome 2016…Six Weeks Later

Hello everyone!welcome2016Yeah, I’m pretty late with welcoming 2016 and saying goodbye to 2015 thing. It has been a crazy month and a half offline and full of transitions. To this day, I’m still struggling with writing 16 at the end of a date. I did not even post my 22-inch blizzard experience a few weeks ago! If it makes it any better, I totally camped indoors and crocheted a hat and scarf set. 🙂

What’s Been Going On?

  • I introduced a new site platform for my shop, niecynotes back in December. At the moment, it is down for “renovations.” I want to add on new features and products and still working out the kinks. I have been so busy with life and its many ups and downs that I haven’t had a chance to fully focus on it. But by the end of this month/early March, it will be up and running again!
  • During my mini hiatus, I lost a dear friend which got me thinking hard about life. My friend was so self-sacrificing. Unbeknownst to many, she was terminally ill but still gave her all to friends, family and most of all, to God. She was one to always help others when she could, one that will make others laugh or smile, and one that never complained. It was a shock to find out about her death and it really made me think about what I am doing with my life. So for the past month, I’ve been on “reflective-introvert-mode” figuring things out (my future, my “now,” etc). Sorry to get all deep and mushy on you guys.

Onward to happy things…

Future Happenings!

I aim to write more on the blog and thinking of posting a few series. I tried out the series thing a few months ago and did not keep up with it. Not this time! I will keep it up with the following schedule:

  • Motivation Mondays: Quotes and a tidbit of advice that corresponds
  • Whatever Wednesdays: Posts about anything, including shop updates
  • Foodie Fridays: Recipes and restaurants to try for the weekend! Have fun and impress someone 😉

During the other days I will be focused on the shop and offline life. But you can always follow up with me in the social media realm – Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

So everyone, thanks for your patience and for sticking with me! Next post should be a bit more uplifting. 😀


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