Are You Ready to Shop?

Gray Thursday. Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. Somehow, there is a break on Sunday. 😉

Are you ready to shop the big deals and thrills? Any real-deal shopper can attest that early Black Friday shopping is like tailgating at a football game. The thrill is amazing! I remember standing in those long lines on Black Friday with my sister (my #1 shopping partner). It was always below 30 degrees and still dark out. Hundreds of us anxious, sleep deprived, coffee-filled shoppers awaited for those glass double doors to open.

BUT my sister and I always had a plan.


Our Full Black Friday Plan

  • Shower before bed on Thursday
  • Wake up, wash up and get dressed around 3:30 AM on Friday
  • Head to the Wawa on the way to the store around 4 AM
  • Partake of our Wawa goods in the car
  • Arrive at the desired location and continue with our Wawa
  • Wait in line until doors opened at 6 AM

There was no leisure shopping – all sport. Once we received a map of the store, we would strategize where to separate and our meetup location. When the doors opened, we rushed to our “station” for the items we wanted…ahem, needed.

I remember one experience when the PlayStation 2 console came out and everyone grabbed for it. It was so crazy, the sales associate was standing on pallets passing out the PS2s. One lady had a nerve to ask to put it on layaway! Who asks for layaway on Black Friday? Rule of thumb: If you don’t have the money for Black Friday prices, there is no need to even be out! Needless to say, my sister called out for the Ps2 and got it while the lady gave her a snarl. Oh people…

Yep, those were the days and sometimes I feel like doing that all over again – standing in the cold awaiting for a new “toy” to buy. But now with the arrival of le Internet, I am very satisfied with staying indoors and clicking a mouse and keys to get the latest deal. Plus, the deals last all weekend and seemingly better.

At the same token, I am trying to reduce and simplify. I have come to a point in my life where I am buying things I need instead of want. 🙂

Are you shopping online or outside sometime this weekend? Let me know in the comments!



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