{Saturday Yumminess} French Toast Sticks

I love the weekend but Saturdays are my favorite! It’s something about the wind-down at the end of the week that makes me so relaxed. Maybe it’s the completion factor that I love.

In any case, I also love the weekends because I finally get to have a full sit-down-with-a-fork breakfast. All week long I’m rushing out the house with a sandwich of sorts or running a tad behind trying to make a to-go bowl of oatmeal. I have ventured into the smoothie breakfasts, but it just doesn’t cut it for me everyday. Am I the only one who needs to physically chew food in order to feel like the meal is fulfilling?

Well, my friends, that is why I’m beginning a new Saturday series called Saturday Yumminess. This series is all about those relaxing moments on the weekend and wanting to try a new delicious sit-down-with-a-fork breakfast. I will feature a new “from scratch” breakfast recipe whether it is a side or a main course. Of course, the recipes can go for the whole week if you want, not exclusively on Saturdays. 😉

The first recipe I will feature is from Just A Taste: Easy Cinnamon French Toast Sticks!

Cinnamon French Toast Sticks via Kelly/Just A Taste


Yes, french toast sticks are technically a fingerfood. However, you can make a full “fork-ful” (<– surely not a real word) meal with eggs and real/fake bacon or sausage on the side. You can also add a variety of berries as your side dish. Don’t forget the syrup!

Go check out the recipe from Kelly and make some yourself! 😉

Bon appetit mes amis!


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