DIY Summer Treats for the Kiddos

It’s 85 degrees and the smell of burgers on a charcoal grill is wafting in the summertime heat. The condiment table is all awry of spilled napkins, tossed potato chips and ketchup stains. Someone knocked over a half can of orange soda on the edge of the wood bench onto the seat. An older relative almost sits on it but catches the trickles with napkins. Children at a distance are running around playing flag football, sweaty and out of breath.

An adult overseeing the event initiates a break for “cool down” treats.

“What do you have?” One child asks.

“I have ice cream and water ice” the adult answers.

“Ok. What else you got?”

So…what else do you have?

This scenario is oh so familiar at local park gatherings. We only have ice cream and water ice (check out my previous post about what water ice is) and water to cool everyone down. Why not shake it up some with new do-it-yourself “cool down” treats such as:

DIY Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches via Bakerella


Fresh Fruit Popsicles via PopSugar


Gummy Bear Popsicles with Sprite by DIY Queen


While these may have a high sugar content, it sure would please the kiddos! Just make sure they eat these in moderation and give out plenty of water for re-hydration.

Ha! I rhymed: “Eat treats in moderation. Drink water for hydration.” Excuse my silliness – it comes and goes. 🙂

What’s your favorite summer treat to make?


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