Future Graduates, Listen Up!

I love graduation season! I think it is the sense of accomplishment that I love about it. It feels like yesterday since my college graduation. Actually, it was an unbelievable seven years ago! Who knew that would happen so fast?


Graduation Day: My Experience

I remember after I received my degree, I sat back in my seat and saw everyone on their cell phones. Some took selfies (and this was before selfies had an official name), some were texting and others were speaking to relatives planning their escape route out of the graduation. A part of me wanted to stay and see the rest of the graduation but another part was exhausted and wanted to plan an escape route as well. I would have if my brother (aptly in the audience) didn’t have to borrow my phone because he left his at home – ahhh!

Here I am hopelessly looking at the many grads with phones latched on their ears, sneaking away from the clustered seats of black mortarboard into the huge crowd of families in the audience. My good conscience couldn’t bear trying to sneak away from the crowd. Even after sitting several hours in those uncomfortable, slippery foldout chairs, I stayed for the remainder of the ceremony. I am so sure there were two hours dedicated to announcing the Nursing Department’s 700 grads. I’m not sure if it really was 700 Nursing graduates, but it sure felt like it!

After the graduation, I aimlessly sought after my family and friends in the cheering crowd. Eventually, I found them and we took a nice lunch at Bahama Breeze in King of Prussia – my first time there. Also, the first time I drank an alcoholic beverage in front of my mom who kept gawking and asking:

“Do you feel a buzz? Are you drunk?”

“Mom, I only took a sip!”

That drink, whatever it was, had lots of pineapple and mango juices inside that masked the mixture of Jamaican rums. Needless to say, I drank the whole thing. Yum.

We ate, left and all I could remember doing was plopping in my bed and falling asleep like a baby. It was a rough senior year for me and the stress of final projects, class grades and graduation parties just overwhelmed me. All I wanted was some sleep! And I got it. I’m sure I woke up 8:00 that night. Maybe that drink was a little to blame as well?

The week after was my graduation party – such a huge success! We had lots of family and friends, food, games, smiles, laughs. Just a wonderful, relaxing experience and I needed that.

So you seniors out there (high school, college, grad school) who are stressing out about formals, trips, tests, grades, last bit of teachers getting on your nerves – take courage and relax! The school year is almost over! Don’t be tempted to leave the graduation ceremony, no matter how long it is. Graduation is a memorable experience and only you can have your own memories of it.timetograduate

Oh yeah, and only drink alcohol in moderation if you are of age. Had to add that Public Service Announcement in the mix. 😉

Until the next chapter of life comes your way,

Congratulations kid! 


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