The Right Way to Write…I’m Sorry

Hey there!

So, you made a big emotional boo-boo and hurt someone. Now you have to buckle down and apologize. You could text the person or leave them a voicemail, but would that really be personal and sincere?

You know what it’s time for. Time for a special note.

Last Right Way to Write I post showed you how to tell someone you loved them. What if you messed up big time with that same person? Hopefully not. But if so or with anyone else, try using a card below:

I'm So Sorry Card - Niecynotes

The front of the card should soften the offended party just a bit at least. It’s too cute!


Or maybe you had an epic fail moment…

Epic Fail Card - Niecynotes

Here are a couple of ways to write I’m sorry to anyone:

The How-To
You must always start off with acknowledging your mistake. Following that is acknowledging how bad they must feel. Last, your apology.

  • “Hey. I know you are still mad at me for that argument. I know you are hurt, frustrated and just tired of my mistakes. Please forgive me. I’m sorry.”
  • “I would like to apologize for handling that assignment in a harsh way. I let down the team and I know you all are suffering. Please forgive my mistake and let’s mend this bond.”

BOOM! Sorry messages you can use! What other ways can you say I’m sorry? Leave it in the comments below. 🙂


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