The Right Way to Write…I Love You

Hey there!

Well looking at that title, there are numerous ways to say that phrase. So many songs, items and even food can help you tell someone you love them. But if you truly, truly, TRULY feel like you need to say it to a special person and are a little shy, handwriting a note is a good start!

A while back, I discussed how to write great get well notes. Today, we’re taking a spin on I Love You notes.

** Note: This does not have to be given during any certain holiday (ahem, Valentine’s Day). I mean, if you truly love someone, you would show and tell them EVERYDAY you can, right? 😉


To Any Special Someone
This can be as long or short as you like. Even a poem can suffice. I’ll give you a short example:

“Sometimes I can’t express my love in a showy display.
But please accept this note to say
that I love you

Might be a wannabe Haiku and a little cheesy, but we all need a little cheese every once in a while. So what would you say? Show me in the comments!


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