Pin-Spired: DIY Frosted Glass {Tutorial}

Ever invite people over for a get-together and after sending that last invite, you realize things need sprucing up? Oh yeah, this was me a few weeks ago. I took a real good look at my living room and noticed I have very few table decorations. So I decided to seek advice from my techie “friend” (Pinterest) for quick decor ideas.

I kept looking at this huge glass vase that was in another room. It needed to be in the living room but just did not know how. Until I found these DIY projects: Frosted glass!



Isn’t this great?! Absolutely love how it turned out by just using rubberbands for the decoration. Very nice indeed! It was even better that I had frosted glass spray that’s been in the craft drawer for a looooong time. It was intended for frosted doily patterned mirrors but that will come another day.

Here’s what you’ll need:
♡ Glass vase
♡ Krylon Frosted Glass Spray (I got this at Michaels)
♡ Rubberbands (about a half-inch thick)
♡ Newspaper
♡ Plastic gloves
♡ A well-ventilated area
♡ Optional, but very helpful: Krylon Sealer Spray

What to do:
1) Make sure your glass vase is free of dirt and fingerprints if possible.

2) Place rubberbands in a design of your choosing. I chose an alternate criss-cross. This is where the glass will not get frosted.

3) Go into a well-ventilated area with gloves on and newspaper at hand, preferably outside or on a porch. Turn vase upside down on newspaper. Follow the directions of the frosted glaze spray carefully. Even opening it. I had some issues opening the thing but once I followed directions, it helped. ☺ Be careful not to touch the exposed areas so as to not add fingerprints. Also, spray in a sweeping motion about 8″ away to prevent drip patterns.

4) The frost may look very light but trust me, it’s on there. Let dry for about 30 minutes before adding a second coat. Leave the ventilated area because that spray is no joke! Come back to vase, spray again, then dry for another 30 minutes.

5) Once dried all the way, remove rubberbands carefully. They will seem sticky but it’s ok. Now the optional thing to do next is spray a finishing glaze on the vase to seal in the rubberband pattern. If you do this, follow the spray directions and let dry for another 30 minutes to be safe.

6) Once everything is complete, now you can place it on the table for guest brownie points. 😉

Here’s my before and after:


It came out very pretty and I received good comments about it. Someone even thought I bought it like this (aww shucks 🙂 )!

Want to find more fun DIY projects? Follow my Pinterest board D-I-Y Baby! Have a DIY project you want me to try? Email or DM me on Instagram!


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